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The lehenga is considered as the most sensuous outfit for women. It is certainly the most essential item of the wardrobe of every woman. This is basically an ethnic wear, which hails from the Indian sub-continent. This attire is highly demanded as it perfectly matches every auspicious occasion. Whether it's the occasion of a wedding or the celebration of some festival or just an evening party, this outfit meets every occasion. This is a two piece outfit. In this, the choli is designed in the form of the top, while the ghagra is created in the form of the skirt.

With the evolution in the domain of fashion, this latest designs of lehenga choli outfit has also seen a drastic change when it comes to designing. The fast changing fashion trends have also transformed the preferences of the wearers. The women are now adapting new fashion trends. They are also not shying away from wearing stylish & glamorous outfits.

Keeping this fact in mind, the designers are using innovative cut patch designs in their collections. In the designer lehenga, the cut patch work is provided in the choli portion in order to offer sensuous looks to the collection. The designs and patterns in the form of the cuts are provided along the neckline to make the collection more appealing and attractive.

The ghagra or the skirt is provided with the embroidery patterns. In this, the handmade artwork of decorative items like beads, sequins and stones is provided along the borders in order to make the collection more fascinating.

These are available in plethora of designs and shades. The designers are offering their collections in appealing designs and patterns in order to meet the expectations of the buyers. Some of the most popular designs available in the market are discussed here.

The most popular outfit that comes under the category of this collection is Bollywood Lehenga. The designers have taken inspiration from the movies to create this collection. These are specially created in the exact replica of designs that the famous actresses have worn in the movies. The designers use fascinating color combinations to add more charisma to the collection.

Another popular form that is highly appreciated is the Pakistani Lehenga. This is specially created in the traditional designs & shades. Their specialty is the handmade artwork of embroidery. It impressive motifs of embroidery is provided along the length and breadth of the fabric to offer it a most appealing touch.

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